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    Ücretli Altyazı Çevirmeni


    Ücretli alt yazı çevirmeni aranıyor. Ücret diğer dizi sitelerine oranla neredeyse 2 katıdır. İlgileniyorsanız lütfen örnek olarak aşağıdaki diyaloğı çevirip özel mesaj ile iletişime geçiniz.

    You could have spotted that stapler, moved it to the left, had her use her left hand,
    gambled that she was gonna reach for that, and then done another out adjusting, and if she didn't, but you got lucky,
    because that could be the way she was most likely to reach it.
    however, that's not the way you
    did it.
    the smart guy has it so that
    when that thing spins, none of
    those staplers will fire, in
    which case, you need to have some way to have that be a

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    Re: Ücretli Altyazı Çevirmeni

    Merhaba ücretli çevirmenlik işine talibim.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Merhaba hala boş yeriniz varsa çevirmenlik işine talibim.



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